First Grade Spelling Words

First Grade Spelling Words are a list of words that the first graders are expected to read and spell. I will test them on the words indicated each week. However, as the weeks go on, the goal of the spelling words are that the students will spell these words correctly in their own writing.
The children will encounter the spelling words weekly in poetry, writing activities, Friday’s Mystery Word Activity, and word sorts.
The weekly spelling test will consist of ten words. There will be a sentence dictation with words from the present and previous spelling words. (Everything counts for points in the sentence, words, capitalization, finger spaces and punctuation.)

Spelling Words
Phonics Skill
Week 1

at, bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, that
(This will be a practice test.)
Week 2
come, in, my, on, way, cap, nap, lap, rag, bag
ap, ag
Week 3
she up, take, what, the, no, pan, tan, dad, mad
ad, an
Week 4
down, by, as, fix, did, zip, big, pig, will, hill
ip, ig, ill
Week 5
ox, from, get, little, help, on, dog, frog, lot, stop, hop
op, ot, og
Week 6
eat, her, this, too, when, men, pet, get, beg, leg
et, eg, en
Week 7
saw, small, tree, your, jug, run, nut, hug, bug, cut
ut, un, ug
Week 8
fan, map, jet, rug, dig, hat, log, tag, bun, rig, sad, top, cut, hill, dot
short vowel review
Week 9
she, no, put, said, want, this, thank, with, ship

sh, ch
Week 10
who, out, live, work, chat, chin, whip, why, where, chop

th, wh
Week 11
which, fish, chop, shell, there, make, sea, look, do, some

wh, ch, sh, th
Week 12
stem, stamp, we, top, she, under, first, find, are, six

Week 13

snap, snow, school, scarf, swim, saw, boy, went, eat, did

sw, sn, sc
Week 14

sled, sleep, blade, block, plop, day, by, try, cry, sunny

sl/pl/bly-i vowel sound
Week 15
green, pray, trap, dress, drip, tree, agree, upon, own, ever

gr, pr, tr, dr
Week 16
class, friends, black, our, very, crib, crack, wishes, flash, fly
Week 17
quack, queen, kick, twist, where, whip, were, where, oh, into, was

qu, tw, k, wh
Week 18
snap, hand, last, chat, ask, came, name, shake, thank, whaleChallenge Word: would

short a and long a
Week 19
thin, dish, gift, rich, stick, while, five, nine, prize, hike
Challenge Word: rabbit

short i and long i
Week 20

rock, clock, shock, sock, lock, those, broke, hope, home, cone
Challenge Word: house

ock family and long o
Week 21
jump, shut, such, just, put, cute, rude, flute, use, muleChallenge Word: birthday
short u and long u
Week 22

which, crop, skin, wax, gum, these, safe, vote, rule, wipeChallenge Word: birthday

Reviewing short vowels and CVCV words
Week 23

sick, duck, pack, bike, like, spoke, take, book, shook, lookChallenge Word: Jesus
Final k/ck/ke
Week 24

chain, brain, paint, space, place, frame, camp, flash, said, wantChallenge Word: God

long a/ ai
Week 25

one, love, knock, drop, whole, chose, those, road, boat, soapChallenge Word: school

longo/ oa
Week 26

moon, bloom, tooth, fruit, juice, cube, prune, trust, build, fromChallenge Word: pumpkin

long u/oo
Week 27

next, less, week, feet, keep, teach, clean, team, eat, beenChallenge Word: awesome


Week 28
past, stand, pray, may, gray, shape, brave, rain, grain, nailChallenge Word: because
Week 29
stock, whose, froze, wrote, coach, loaf, roast, know, throw, showChallenge Word: rainbow
Week 30

glue, true, blue, new, chew, flew, brush, stuck, sew, do
Challenge Word: together
short u/ long u/ ew
Week 31

quick, quit, why, fly, sky, flight, bright, night, right, bright, write quite
Challenge Word: friend

qu/ight/y that sounds like i
Week 32

stock, whose, froze, wrote, coach, loaf, roast, know, throw, show
Challenge word: rainbow

long o/short o/ oa
Week 33
jail, way, sneak, bleed, light, slide, soak, glow, clue, pool
Challenge word: summer

Review long and short sounds
Week 34
1A Spelling Bee
All spelling words and rhyming words from the beginning of the year.

Spelling Tests will be returned on Mondays in the Student Folders and grades will be recorded weekly on Web Grader as well.