Our theme this year will be ladybugs......My hope for each child is that by the end of his/her first grade year he/she will feel confident in his/her reading and writing abilities. I want each child to know the he/she is loved by God, family, friends and the CK community.
I love the saying....."We learn from our mistakes.." I don't know who said this but I truly believe this.....throughout the first grade day the children will be asked to explore many different activities and ideas and from these explorations will come learning. Keep in mind that each child will learn at his/her own pace and I will be there to encourage and provide support....however in the end each child will still learn at his/her own rate. We are ALL Learning Together!!!

Now Just A Few Facts About Me....
This is a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Schueller, we live in Wauwatosa.02_1063_D_S_1163.jpg
We have four children......and as you can see they are all grown up now, Michael, Andrew, Sandy and Matthew.

That little puppy is our "Granddog" Lucky. Mr. Schueller and I have to dog sit for Lucky once in a while.Lucky is not little anymore she is really big and a bit of a stinker. She does not listen very well. She likes to run away when we call her name.IMG_9384 copy (Large).jpg

Our family grew a little bit last year, we welcomed a new daughter in law and our first grand baby and two more grand dogs.02_922_D_S_1022.jpg

Our granddaughter's name is Haddie and she is adorable. I love spending as much time as possible spoiling her.

Pink is my favorite color.
I love drink iced passion lemonade tea at Starbucks.images.jpeg
My favorite animal is a penguin.

I also like to read, ride my bike and do art projects.
I am looking forward to meeting each of you and hearing about your families. I can not wait to hear about what you like and what you did this summer.

I know we will have a fabulous year in First Grade!

Mrs. Schueller